Concord Youth Soccer, Elkhart County, IN


Teams:  The Concord Youth Soccer League is madeup of nine age-group leagues.

They include:

School Age                             Co-ed              #of Field Players       Length of game

Pre-Kindergarten                    Yes                              6                      4-6 min qtrs

Kindergarten                           Yes                              6                      4-10 min qtrs.

First Grade                              Yes                             7                       4-10 min qtrs.

Second Grade                         Yes                              7                      4-10 min qtrs.

Third Grade                            Yes                              9                      4-10 min qtrs.

Fourth Grade                            Yes                              9                      4-10 min qtrs.

Boys Fifth/Sixth                     Boys Only                   9                      4-12 min qtrs.

Girls Fifth/Eighth                   Girls Only                   11                    4-12 min qtrs.

Boys Seventh thru Twelfth     Boys Only                    11                    2-30 min qtrs.

Girls Seventh thru Twelfth     Girls Only                    11                    2-30 min qtrs.

Note: Number of field players includes goalie.


Coaches on the Field:  Coaches are permitted on the field forkindergarten and first grade. Only one coach is allowed on the field, and thecoach must remain in the defensive end of the field.

Equipment: Shin guards are required for all agegroups. No jewelry is allowed! Only approved soccer cleats are allowed, and nosteel cleats are permitted. All players must wear uniforms provided by CYS.

Participation: Each players is required to play at least three-quartersof each game. Grades K-5/6 are limited to substituting only at thestart of quarters with the exception of injuries. The seventh thru twelfthgrade leagues have free substitution, but are still required to play allplayers for ¾ of the game.

Off-Sides: We will not attempt to explain the off-sidesrules here. Please read the Rule Book.  Off-sides generally willnot be called in the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade age groups. Ifan offensively player consistently is posted deep in the team's offensive zone,the referee may make the call.

Ties: Ties will not be broken during regular seasongames. Ties will be broken during tournament games. Two additional five-minuteovertime periods will be played followed by a shoot-out, in the event theovertime periods do not break the tie.

Rules: Most generally-accepted soccer rules areobserved by CYS. The board reserves the right to amend its rules at any time


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